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Period Pads and Panties


inter-labia pads are very comfortable little pads worn externally that give that extra bit of protection when used with panty liners or menstrual pads, as backup to a menstrual cup or for just the right amount of protection from light incontinence due to sneezes etc. You need to keep them between the labia (lips or folds of skin at the vaginal opening) to catch the menstrual flow much closer to the vagina to avoid messy leaks during heavy flow/ flow with clots.


Period Panty allow you to replace any disposable menstrual or bladder leakage products you might be using for everyday, during your period, or for light bladder leak as most women might suffer from irritation and allergic reaction. The panty provides daily comfort and customizes the absorbency to fit your flow by adding Insert(s) of your choice and changing throughout the day.


cloth pads are made of high quality microfibers, combed cotton and a leak-proof layer. SOCH pads are made to hold from light to heaviest menstrual flow and stop light bladder leaks. The leak proof backing keeps everything off your clothes, while 100% combed cotton top layer keeps you comfortable and dry. SOCH pads are designed for average and plus-sized women. The gusset (width of the pad) measures 7.5cm. This size works well if you are using underwear with a wide crotch.

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