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About Us

Who We Are

We are proud to introduce our organization, WW GROUP UK is a Government recognized Exporter, started during the year 2010, manufacturer and exporter of Knitted and Woven Garments, Especially for Reusable Incontinence Briefs and Menstrual pad . We positioned in Tiruppur the Knit-city of india, passion for fashionable apparel production had grown as the trendsetter in spotting the up-to-the-minute technologies and implementing in its production for sustaining the client base accommodating to the transforming fashion. We offers the best in quality goods with a comprehensive production set-up with high standards throughout the production process from yarn purchase till logistics, this extends to after sale service.


Vision & Mission

Embodying as a leading crafter of modish apparel, WW GROUP UK, exerts to be at the apex position in the wide reaching global market by constant evaluation and improvement process with maximum quality and higher process returns each time. WW GROUP UK, serves its products quality to be optimum in maintaining the global standards at each phase of our production trailing "Natural & Healthy Apparels" among the global market players.

What We Do

As our clients’ trusted business ally, WW GROUP UK provides the best Products at right price for clients to maximize their sales. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide manufacturers with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity and Quality. We deliver on our commitments, so clients can build strong relationships with their customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the marketplace. We manage our business in an organized way and put ourselves at the forefront of Indian garment industry. The main objective of our company is to reduce your risk by keeping the following issues on our agenda of work:

  • ♦ To check the quality of raw materials procured and components.
  • ♦ To check initial quality at the beginning of production.
  • ♦ To ensure quality oriented products and manufacturing processes.
  • ♦ To perform factory audits as per requirement.
  • ♦ To develop new products and packaging for products as per the requirement of the client in timely manner.
  • ♦ To track and follow-up all the production orders and ensure that they are shipped on time as committed.
  • ♦ To ensure that the merchandise is produced in right quality as committed.
  • ♦ To make sure that the merchandise is labelled and packed as per client’s requirement.
  • ♦ To make sure that all the documentation is as per regulations and requirements of both export and importing countries and sent properly and on time.
  • ♦ To provide all available information about products, vendor, capacities, lead-time and limitations.
  • ♦ To have a check on production capacity and quality capabilities of various companies.
  • ♦ To source quality vendors for the client and to organize buyer and vendor meetings.
  • ♦ To ensure an effective communication between client and the vendors.
  • ♦ To negotiate and get the fair price to the client.

Company Policy

  • ♦... We are Transparent and Honest – we believe in dealing with issues candidly, with courage and integrity above all.
  • ♦... We are collaborative – we deliver excellence by working together and demonstrate mutual respect.
  • ♦... We demand Excellence – we are result oriented and foster and demand excellence from ourselves and our teams.
  • ♦... We Honour our Commitments – We take our commitments to all our stake holders very seriously and put all our efforts in fulfilling them.

Welcome to WW GROUP UK Honoring our Commitments...

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